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A creative internal communication approach is a major effort to create brand loyalty by supporting in-house entrepreneurship, creating a positive working experience both for your existing and potential talents.

Attracting new talents as well as training and retaining them is one of the common challenges that companies face in this era of “global talent shortage”. So how do you manage it?

We provide a wide range of creative and consultancy solutions for companies to create / strengthen brand loyalty both for their existing and potential talents. Our solutions increase in-house entrepreneurship and offer “unique” working / employee experience which adds meaning to career journey of talents.

We build communication strategies, create in-house campaigns, help companies discover their “true tone of voice” and activate it with our creative design solutions.

Branding or re-branding company processes, applications to match their EVP (Employee Values Proposition) or internal “umbrella brands” is one the key expertises in which we specialize at.

Simple. Think of all the marketing efforts you make as a brand to meet and go beyond your “external customers” expectations. Product development, pricing, placement, promotion efforts are shaped with customer feedbacks and market research.

You need true talents, people who are engaged to join you in this journey to meet and go beyond your goals. What is your roadmap to gain, retain and provide a unique / significant career experience for them in a highly competitive “talent market”?

Advertising campaigns are more likely to create an impact for specific product at a certain time and the outcome is usually measured by the sales.

Internal communications design is an “investment for the company’s investments for their employees”. It’s kind of an insurance to be sure that your efforts are “truly visible” and “perceived as it is meant to be” for your employees.

Sustainability in internal communication strategy and design execution is the main key to build and maintain a successful employer brand.

You need to discover your unique tone of voice in order to communicate successfully with your talents and potential talents.

We are here to help you discover your tone of voice, build your internal communication strategy and activate it.

They are not the same thing. Let’s try to clarify them simply.

Employer Brand: It’s a “perception” which is usually shaped by the result of a “direct experience” or an “indirect experience” by your existing and potential employees. It’s not quite possible to totally control this perception because there are numerous variables involved to shape this perception.

EVP (Employee Value Proposition): It is a “designed experience” and more controlled process which contains your proposition towards your existing and potential talents.

Umbrella Brand: It is not as comprehensive as an EVP but you may still need it to gather all your internal communication efforts under “one roof” to maintain consistency and to prevent “message confusion”.

Not always.

Your social media career pages, career fairs, job postings, career days that are held at universities, etc. are the main mediums that your internal communication meets with new talents.

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People Make The Brand - Employer Branding Conference

During the last decade, demographic changes, globalization and the rise of the knowledge worker have been urging organizations to consider their human assets more seriously. We were already aware that announcing vacancies was no more enough. And it was not about pay anymore. Yet, it took a pandemic to accelerate fully the new business trends and transform the way we approach jobs, careers, the work and the workplace.

People Make the Brand has been on its way to inspire professionals from all industries, researchers, academicians, entrepreneurs since 2013. Amid the physical, cultural and economic challenges confronting us at every level – from personal to global – today, more than ever, we need vigorous debate on not to be stuck in the new normal, but to create new norms to make the world a better place. Today, more than ever, we need a paradigm shift. The 8th People Make the Brand is arriving as a series to call upon this collective purpose.

Paradigm Shift:

Strategy + Technology + Psychology + Humanocracy