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EVP Design, Activation and Communication

Your company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) builds the DNA of your communication for your existing and potential talents.

Your communication strategy, tone of voice, messages, visual language, to sum up; all your communication efforts towards both for your existing and potential employees should contain this DNA.

A “solid EVP” and the activation of it is probably the best investment decision you can make for your employer brand.

Building an Internal Communication Strategy and Consultancy Services

You are putting one brick or take out one from your employer brand every time you get in touch with your employees.

Sharing important updates for your company, congratulating new recruits, seniority awards, instant rewards, suggestion and career development systems, etc. Each of these scenarios are valuable opportunities to build up a solid employer brand.

How do you take advantage of these opportunities?

Creating and Designing In-House Communication Campaigns

It doesn't really matter whether you're a small, medium or large company.

Be sure to take the advantage of communicating with your employees at every possible opportunity and make sure that you are all aligned on the same path as they embrace your company values, goals.

Correctly designed internal communication campaigns can create positive effects beyond your expectations and guide your brand.

Branding, Communication and Design Services for In-House Processes and Applications

Professional training and development opportunities are becoming more and more important each day. New generation of young talents has a really strong demand for career development opportunities, it is affecting their career choice.

Organizations make serious investments to provide the best learning and development opportunities for their employees. This effort may still remain “invisible” to employees without an effective communication, campaigns, gamification and experience design.

With the right experience and communication design, your investments will be rewarded with increased in-house entrepreneurship and loyalty.

Creative Experience Design for Recruitment and On / Off Boarding Processes

"First and the last impression" are both equally important for your potential, current and “ex-employees”.

Think of a potential talent who is trying to get information about your company to make her / his decision to apply your job post. Think of all the possible channels that she / he could use to have this information. Your potential employee shapes the final decision each time she / he encounters your brand.

How do you manage your employer brand presence in these channels?

Multinational or national brands pay attention to the impact of the first impression on their employees in order to attract and retain talent, and strive to turn on-boarding processes into a unique experience.

Creative Solutions for In-House Communication Mediums

Intranet, mobile applications, macro sites, in-house publications, corporate annual reports, mailings, video messages, newsletters, sms messages, WhatsApp groups, Workplace, social media campaigns, printed media, installations and more ...

Especially white collar employees are exposed to too many messages everyday. We offer content and design support for effective, clear and result-oriented use of your in-house media.

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