Fikri Mahsul

Creative Internal Communication Agency

Fikri Mahsul (means "crop of idea" in Turkish language) is the first creative agency that focuses on internal communication in Turkey.

We believe that ideas are like seeds. If they are planted in the right soil, taken care by experienced hands and fed within the right environment, they turn into great crops.

We are happy and proud to share our crops with national and multi-national companies since 2010.

About Our Founders

Gül Çetin

Gül Çetin is an mixed-media artist, graphic designer by day and illustrator by night in İstanbul.

After graduating from BAU Visual Communication Design, she completed her master’s degree in Communication Sciences at Kadir Has University, where she worked on her thesis about fairy tales written by Ahmet Ümit, a famous author in Turkey and worldwide.

As a TGEV volunteer, she lectured at art workshops with children for 5 years. She is the Founding Partner of Fikri Mahsul, a creative agency that focuses on internal communication and design in Turkey since 2010.

She opened two solo exhibitions and participated in over sixty group exhibitions.

After she gave birth to her son Atlas, she preferred to focus on illustrating for children’s books (she has twenty published books by now), book covers and independent literature magazines as a freelance illustrator. She takes part in various exhibitions and organizes workshops in İstanbul, Turkey for children which combines her tales books with art.

Sarp Çetin

Just after I got my bachelor’s degree from Bahçeşehir University, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design with full scholarship and as a high-honor student, I have completed the master programme at Bahçeşehir University, Advertising and Brand Communication Design with scholarship.

I was lucky enough to experience nearly all the roles a designer could achieve; Intern, Assistant Graphic Designer, Senior Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Art Director and a Freelance Designer within seven years. I like to call this period “my incubation period” as a designer.

I have decided to start my own business and co-founded Fikri Mahsul on 2010, which is the first creative agency in Turkey that focuses on internal communications. I realized that this was just the beginning of my career journey.

I’ve never stopped exploring, learning and experimenting. Not just within the “borders of design” also in HR, business management, leadership, personal development, philosophy, art, technology and entrepreneurship. Thanks for numerous local and international brands for trusting and giving us the chance to extract our potential for their brands.

Working and living happily as a Creative Director, Agency Manager with my partner / wife, my son and our team at Fikri Mahsul in İstanbul / Turkey.

Certified Employer Branding Professional

A Little Bit of Nostalgia

Our web site was one of the first crops that we harvest when we opened our agency in 2010. It was awarded for “people’s choice” on Altın Örümcek (Golden Spider Web Awards) in “Advertising / PR / Interactive Agency Web Sites” category. 

Thanks to all who supported and voted for us during that time. It really proved us that ideas can have a huge impact even if you are small and motivated us to “compete with giants”.

Fikri Mahsul Altın Örümcek

Let's have a cup of tea together
to know each other better.

*Inspired from a Turkish rhetoric.